The Sports Widow presents: Top 5 Basketball Movies

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I think a tough question we all struggle with on a daily basis is, “What makes a movie a basketball movie?” The answer, of course, is that it is a movie and features at least one basketball at some point.
And with that in mind, here are The Sport’s Widow’s Top 5 Basketball Movies.
5. Teen Wolf (1985) – Michael J. Fox stars as some guy (I don’t know, Jason? I mean if I was supposed to remember his name it would be as catchy as Boof or Styles, two other characters in the movie) who turns into a werewolf and dominates on his high school basketball team.
Fact: After the box office success of Teen Wolf, the Minnesota Timberwolves briefly changed their name to the Minnesota Teenwolves.
Actual fact: The Timberwolves didn’t exist in 1985. Check out the guy’s (Kevin’s?) first basketball game where he plays as “The Wolf,” and enjoy the music from some guy they got when they couldn’t afford Randy Newman.