The Refs Got It Right

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You’re going to see a lot of takes about how the refs cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl, and how it’s the worst thing ever, and how the league or the U.N. or whoever needs to step in and do something.

Let me just say this: bullshit.

The refs absolutely got the call right, and if given the chance, they should make the same call again.

I shall explain the reasons why:

It kept the Saints out of the Super Bowl.

Have you ever spoken to a Saints fan? They’re the worst football fans in the world, except for Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots, Seahawks, Raiders, 49ers, Giants, Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, and Nebraska fans.

This whiny little pissbabies are already buying billboards and talking lawsuits over this stupid shit. It’s kind of endearing, in a way, to see them still believing in the government after Katrina, but it’s mostly annoying.

The Saints losing in heartbreaking fashion makes them sad, and that makes me happy.

Refs fucking up is the best part of sports.

Speaking of whiny little pissbabies, anyone who claims that we need to take the possibility of human error out of sports is a moron. Refs fucking up is literally the only enjoyable part of the NFL.

Literally everything else about the NFL is garbage, most notably its overtime rule, which is what whiny little pissbabies should be upset about. The other conference championship game ended without the only exciting player in the league touching the ball. What insufferable bullshit.

Plus, there’s nothing that makes sports fans happier than bitching. That’s why college football was better before the playoffs and BCS. Just have a bunch of assholes vote on shit, let them fuck it up, and then fans can literally whine for the rest of their lives — and trust me, they will.

The Saints would’ve made the ending boring.

If the refs called PI on that play, New Orleans would’ve ran three shitty dive plays with Mark Ingram, then kicked a chip-shot field goal to win.

How fucking boring can you get?

Instead, we saw them fuck up in an exciting way, which is entirely on-brand for the franchise. The game was way better due to the refs and their unconscionable incompetence.

And listen, they still would’ve lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, because God is a fucking dick, so don’t act like this changes much.

Besides, haven’t LA fans suffered enough? They’ve gone most of a single season watching a team they just started caring about not win the Super Bowl.

Here’s hoping that curse ends this year. Or not, we won’t notice anyway.

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