Lonzo Ball is Already #6 All-Time (On the "Shitty Albums from Athletes" List)

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Lonzo Ball has had a busy summer.
Besides becoming the 2nd overall pick of the 2017 NBA Draft and MVP of the Summer League, Ball recently released his first rap single, dissed Nas on the reality TV show that follows his annoyingly illustrious family, and, just last week, revealed his new shoe design. Look who’s focused on the upcoming season!
However, while his shoe wasn’t the worst thing ever (no one beats a champ, eh Steph Curry?), his single surprised everyone by not being a complete dumpster fire (unlike the last three Lakers seasons). While Ball can’t beat Damian Lillard’s flow (or even Jimmer Fredette when it comes to shoes, as it turns out), many NBA stars and professional athletes have done way worse when they decided that wealth and freakish athletic talent still don’t measure up to being a rock star.
Below, we present 5 forays into music from athletes that are way worse than Lonzo’s debut.
5. Guy Lafleur – “Lafleur!” (1979)