2019 Pro Bowl Review!

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The NFL Pro Bowl was today. I watched approximately 75 seconds of it over two different viewings. First was the Monday Night Football announcers previewing the NFL flag football championship (? I have no idea if that’s what it’s called). The game pitted a team from somewhere against a team from somewhere else. The one team had come from behind to win at the end of their last game while the other had apparently won in a number of “mercy rule” blowouts. I assume the flag football is the NFL pretending that it cares about safety and the MNF guys doing pregame (and I assume the regular game) was punishment for being so shitty this season. Seems Justified.

After that I accidentally flipped back to see a failed flea flicker and then Jamal Adams of the Jets (national hero) took out Russell Wilson in a very NON-Pro Bowl type hit. Then I went to pee and when I returned 5 or 6 minutes later Adams was arguing with the refs. I assumed it wasn’t getting better after that. The game may actually still be going on.

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